Monday, July 15, 2013

Maya's Hero Vest ~ Make it Perfect Pattern

We live close to Sovereign Hill in Ballarat and it's lovely to be able to pop in on the school holidays with our family pass. There are always some good activities on.

This time the kids wanted to see the Christmas in July,  including the snow falls.  The "snow" turned out to be like a bubbly foam,  but everyone enjoyed running around in it and catching it  as it fell.

Maya is wearing her version of the Make it Perfect, Hero Vest in size 8. After making Kane his test version I knew Maya would get a lot of wear out of one too.  The outer fabric is a knit from spotlight and the lining is a windcheater (sweater) knit that was left over from my Lola dress - still to blog.

As Maya wears a lot of bright colours,  it was good to make this up in a fairly neutral colour, so it works with a lot of her wardrobe, and is a great layering piece for our Ballarat weather too.


Karen said...

This looks great Rach - vest are so good for keeping their back warm - and we need it at the moment!

make it perfect said...

love this version rachel - good fabric choice...lil's wardrobe is the same, lots of brights and patterns i have to remind myself to use some more subdued fabrics that actually go with the bulk of her clothes!

ipatchandquilt said...

What a lovely vest! You made it just perfect!
esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com


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