Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ottobre Sewing ~ Pentagram Hoodie

Ottobre Magazines are real eye candy,  and I just love them with their styling, age appropriate clothing and designs for boys and girls.  Unfortunately I don't sew from them often and I am going to make an effort to change that, particularly for the boys.

The "Pentagram Hoodie" was my first project for Maya is size 128 from the Autumn 4/2013 issue.  The only change I made was to line the hood for a neater finish.  

Maya just loves this dress and said that she is going to keep it to give to her kids.  That's saying something!  On the sleeve I added a little deer transfer from Craft Mama's fabric instead of the applique shown in the magazine.

The dress was quick to sew together and was mostly constructed on the overlocker.

By the time I took these pictures the dress had already been in the wash a couple of times.  It really is perfect for wearing and keeping warm and comfortable in our winter weather.


Annie said...

I love it! So warm and snugly

make it perfect said...

that's gorgeous - i want one! what fabric did you use?

Jane said...

I agree - I want one for myself, too :) Looks amazingly comfy and I love the colour combos.

Cindy said...

The dress looks wonderfully warm and comfy! I'm the same way with Ottobre...I love looking through them and there are a ton of patterns I'd love to sew but somehow I never get around to doing them. Time to make sewing from OD a priority!

Mimamellie said...

Nice dress, with great colors!! I still got that pattern on my to-do-list :) I was wondering which cloths you used. Is it just jersey or jogging/sweater?


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