Monday, December 23, 2013

Maya's School Fair ~ and the 20 year old son..

Since this year is still flying,  I have a few more catch up posts.  Last month was Maya's school fair,  where the school fundraisers to support the schools overseas child sponsorship program.  All year,  on and off,  I knitted up the odds and ends of my yarn stash to make these dolly kina's.  In the end I had 24 made up and sewed on a few crochet flowers or fancy buttons.  Also made were large and small doll quilts and a few Christmas bags.

We sold everything at pocket money prices and managed to sell out during lunchtime.  We were even the largest fund raiser!  I wondered if we would sell anything but the kids, parents and teachers were happy with hand made.  Phew.

Also back in November,  Ayden turned 20.  I can almost say it now ... I have a 20 year old son xx


Annie said...

Great effort with the school fair Rachael! 20 yr old son sounds a bit scary...we seem far too young! Merry Christmas to you.

suz said...

It's hard to look at our kids growing up - my son turned 32 last month...not sure how that happened 'cause I didn't get any older!

Jane said...

Twenty years of parenting - congratulations to you! And fab work on the school fair. How rewarding that it all sold.


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